Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

1900PA Vacuum cleaner Mini Home Rod Vacuum Cleaner Portable Dust Collector Home Aspirator Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.Easilly switch to a handheld of the touch of a button. It can help in cleaning of cars ,upholstery and stairs.

Product Specification

Rated voltage:220V~50HZ
Max power:650W
Temperature for use:0-40
Humidity level for storage: 60±25%
Dust bag capacity: 1.2L
Cable length :5m
Vacuum cleaning power :19000PA
Sound :<70dB

Why You Need This Product

Easy to install and control

Even if you dont know anything about vacuum cleaners, you can install them easilly.

Quality Motor brings great suction of 1900 Pa

High efficiency,low energy and more durable.Strong centrifugal force produces a  strong suction,lasting no attenuation

Comfortable and Noiseless

Db<70dB,let you clean the house without worrying about affecting the rest of the family.

Convenient and easy to use

It is easy to suck away the living garbage such as melon seed shell,animal hair,cigarette dust nd snack scraps under the bed.

Flexible Brush

The brush is flexible hence making the ground clean and tidy.

Hand two in one

Suitable for all places.

Water washable filter haipa discharge clean air

Most of the dust mites and other pollutants can be filtered, haipa can be removed and washed clean, no consumables and environmental protection.

Change the way you vacuum probe into the gap to clean

Even if it is invisible place also if clean,lengthen flat mouth suction into the gap dead corner,effectively clean sofa,dead corner of the snack crumbs and hair.

Product detail design

Product in stock

Pricing & Delivery

When you order, We’ll Contact You To Arrange For Delivery. Any Orders Made before 1600hrs are delivered same-day. Later than that, the Next day

We offer same-day delivery within Lusaka Region.

For more info call:  +260773908086

Price Before was: K 2,200

Price Now: K 1,650

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