Scare away intruders and light up your home compound with this Outdoor Simulation Monitoring Security Wall Lamp

Monitoring Surveillance DUMMY Cameras 77 LED Simulation Safety Lighting Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lamp


Product Name: Solar Motion Sensor Light
Material: Polycrystalline silicon +ABS plastic
Battery: 18650 Li-ion 3.7V 2400mAh
Solar panel: 5.5v/300mAh 2.5W
Sensor Angle: 120°
Control: Remote/Switch
Working Temperature(°C): -20-60


Seven Functions:

  • Solar charging
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Human motion Sensing
  • High Brightness
  • LED Lights
  • Easy Installation

Remote Controled

Remote has the following functions

3 Mode of Lighting

It has 3 modes of lighting as shown below

Places to Install the Lamp

Pricing & Delivery

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Price Now: K 650

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