117 Pcs Makita Drill Toolset with a drill

A Quality multifunctional toolkit – Household toolkit with makita Impact Drill 750w and other useful accessories.

Accessories in the Box

Toolset with 750w Makita Impact Drill with free 24pcs socket set. 3PC Twist Drill:5-6-8
3PC Masonry Drill:5-6-8
3PC Wood Drill:5-6-8
1PC Bit Holder
9PC 25mm Bit:SL3-4-5,PH1-2-3,PZ1-2-3
9PC 1/4″ Socket:5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13
1PC A screwdriver5.8*100
1PC Cross screwdriver5.8*100
1PC Bit Handle
1PC Utility Knife
1pc electroprobe
1PC Measuring Tape:3m
1PC Combination Plier:6″
1PC Adjustable Wrench:8″
1PC Claw Hammer
1PC Plastic joint flexible shaft
1PC Spirit Level:9″
1PC Hardware box 60PC
1PC Blow molding box
1PC Electric drill

710w Impact Drill

Equiped with 750w Impact drill hammer function. Packed withe extra carbon Brushes

Toolset Top View

Here is the view of the toolset in different direction.

Set of Pliers in the Set

Get Both Normal Pliers and Long Nose Pliers.

Drill Bits

Has a wide range of Bits, Both metal and Wooden and a number of screw drivers

Packed in BMC Box

Has a wide range of Bits, Both metal and Wooden and a number of screw drivers

Pricing & Delivery

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We offer same-day delivery within Lusaka Region.

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Price Before was: K 2500

Price Now: K 1950


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